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You are a beautiful woman! At Beautiful Woman Medical Weight Management, we understand that each person has unique characteristics and health goals. Managing your weight can improve your quality of life and self-confidence. If you are currently looking for a health care provider that can customize a weight management program that fits your need, look no further.

Your Journey Towards a Long & Healthy Life Begins Here.

Call us at 815-649-1910 to schedule your virtual visit or schedule your virtual visit online. We are here for you!

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Why Choose Us?

  • We provide all of our services to you in the privacy of your own home via Telehealth
  • We create a weight management plan designed specifically for you
  • We follow evidence-based weight management practice guidelines
  • We treat you like family
We are here for you

How do I become a patient?

You can schedule a virtual appointment here through our HIPPA compliant electronic health record. You will be directed to complete a new patient information packet so that you will be ready for your first visit.
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Our Services

Weight management is our specialty. We also treat diabetes and high blood pressure.
At Beautiful Woman medical weight management, we will assist you in meeting and sustaining your weight management goals.
Living with diabetes and or high blood pressure can be difficult. We can assist you in developing the skills to keep your diabetes and blood pressure under control.
We realize that there are some individuals who do not have the means to go to a health care provider. Therefore, we are committed to giving back by providing complementary health care services to those who qualify.

Client Testimonials

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I have struggled with my weight my entire life! Dr. Sue makes me feel comfortable and she really cares about her patients! I have already lost 2 pounds in less than one week!! Highly recommend!!!.
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Dr. Sue is amazing! She checks in every week to see how I am feeling, if I have any concerns. Dr Sue is my partner on this journey!



Complimentary 10-minute phone consultation

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