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Medical Weight Management

Medical Weight Management Program

Weight management can be challenging. At Beautiful Woman Medical Weight Management, we will assist you in meeting and sustaining your weight management goals.

In partnership with the client, Beautiful Woman Weight Management Clinic provides patient-centered weight management care designed to improve your quality of life and prevent complications related to overweight and obesity. Through the development of a personalized weight management plan, our highly trained and dedicated staff empower you to self-manage your weight. We commit to our mission by providing patient-centered, evidenced based care through teamwork and by treating each individual with respect and compassion.

Your medical weight management is designed to meet your specific needs. The providers at Beautiful Women Medical Weight Management follow the algorithm designed by the Obesity Medicine Association. In order to achieve lasting results, we incorporate nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication in your treatment plan.

Our services are offered exclusively via Telehealth allowing us to provide care in the privacy of your own home. We value your safety and well-being, and are committed to you receiving high-quality care. Beautiful Woman Medical Weight Management providers are licensed in Illinois.

What to Expect

Initial Consultation
In order to provide you with the best treatment plan possible, we will provide a discussion addressing your medical history, past weight management efforts, and health goals. If lab testing is needed, we will provide the necessary order/s and offer lab site recommendations. A personalized weight management plan based on your unique characteristics will then be created
Follow up Appointments

Regular follow up appointments are scheduled based on your personalized weight management treatment plan. They are scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Beautiful Woman Medical Weight Management providers are licensed in Illinois, New Hampshire, and Arizona.