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The Recipe for Weight Loss

The Obesity Medicine Association utilizes four pillars in the treatment of overweight and obesity. These pillars are nutrition, physical activity, behavior change, and for some, medication. The four pillars are used along with a personalized treatment plan to help individuals lose weight and improve their health.

Nutrition. In order to maintainoptimal body function, you need to eat nutritional foods. It is important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Limit your intake of salt and sugar as well as processed or packaged foods. You will also want to have an adequate intake of lean protein, dairy, and water. A good way to include all of the nutrition that your body needs is to prepare foods at home. This will help you to control what you eat and will also save you money

Physical activity. An important aspect of good health is exercise. Regular exercise helps in weight loss and maintenance, reduces stress, strengthens bones and muscles, reduces the risk of disease, and improves your ability to do everyday activities. If you are new to exercise, start by slowly adding an activity to your daily routine. For example, walk outside for 10 minutes a day three times a week. Gradually increase the time you walk weekly until you get up to 45 minutes per day. Some other physical activities include dancing, swimming, and yoga. Do something that you enjoy! Find a partner to exercise with and who will hold you accountable.

Behavior change. A key aspect of weight management is changing some of your habits. Eating healthy and exercising are healthy behaviors. Changing your habits will take some time, effort, and discipline. First, you will need to have a positive attitude. Changing a behavior can take up 2 months for a new behavior to become a habit. Set a behavior change goal for yourself. For example, if you know that you like to snack on chips, stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep a food journal and write down everything you eat. Remember, change is made one step at a time.

Medications. Weight loss medications can be used for individuals who meet specific criteria. The first requirement is the inability to lose weight through diet and exercise. The second requirement is body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, or a BMI of 27 with a serious medical illness such as diabetes, heart disease, and or high blood pressure. Some medications that can be used for weight loss are phentermine, Contrave, and Semaglutide. These medications can be prescribed by a health care provider using clinical judgement to determine which medication may be best for you.

The treatment of overweight and obesity includes an assessment of your overall health, past weight management efforts, and health goals. Creating a personalized weight management plan is key to sustained weight loss and healthy living.


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